君はこの単語の別の意味を知っているか?実際の試験では意外な意味で使われていて、多義語の知識が問われるぞ!【 deliver, wear, face, work, fine, time, fire, stand, fix, sentence, hand, run, head, pay, last, meet 】の別の意味も覚えておけ!





deliver 配達する
wear 身に付ける
face 顔
work 働く
fine 晴れた、細かい
time 時間
fire 火、火事
stand 立つ
fix 固定する、修理する
sentence 文
hand 手
run 走る
head 頭
pay 支払う
last 最後の
meet 会う


deliver 講演する、お産をする。

The famous scholar delivered a lecture to high school students in his hometown.

She was delivered of Henry VIII’s daughter that year.
She was the future Queen Elizabeth I.

wear すり減る(自動詞)くたくたにさせる(他動詞)

His shoes were worn out because he always walked on stone paths.

He was worn from his daily job cleaning the hotel.

face 直面する、立ち向かう

Your true value as a leader is tested when you face challenges.

work 動く、機能する、(薬などが)効く

The machine did not work because it had not been used for over 10 years.

The organization that monitors government does not work at all.

After midnight, the medicine began to work.

fine 罰金を科す、細かく(副詞)

Those who smoke on the street in violation of city ordinances will be fined.

First, cut an onion fine.

time ふさわしい時を決める、時間を計る

Torture in the Edo period was timed to last no more than two hours.

Time how long it takes for this liquid to solidify.

fire 解雇する、発砲する

Half of the employees were fired due to poor business.

Don’t fire until I tell you to.

stand ~に耐える

I can’t stand your mean personality anymore.

fix (食事を)準備する、~を決める

The innkeeper fixed a light meal for us when we arrived in the middle of the night.

Let’s fix when to leave for the Hokkaido trip.

sentence 判決を言い渡す、量刑

The newspaper reporter was sentenced to death for leaking top secret.

The judge gave him a suspended sentence.

hand 手渡す、提出する、時計の針

Our staff hand you a plastic bag for your shoes at the entrance.

Please hand in your report to the laboratory by 5pm on Monday.

When the clock’s hands pointed to 12 o’clock, the mechanical dolls began to move all at once.

run 経営する、立候補させる(他動詞)

My aunt runs a small souvenir shop in that town.

The party leader intends to run him in that single-seat constituency.

head ~を向かわせる、~に向かう、見出しを付ける

In such a situation, we don’t have time. Let’s head him to Kyoto now.
「かくなる状況では一刻の猶予もない。 今から彼を京都に向かわせましょう。」

At that time, the imperial loyalist army was heading for Edo.

pay 割に合う、引き合う

Since it doesn’t pay us to do this transaction with such a small quantity, we will cancel this deal.

last 持続する、持ちこたえさせる

This foundation will last a long time.

meet 要求を満たす

In order to meet the demands of the other side, we will have to make major concessions.