on account of, thanks to, due to 原因や理由の表現、前置詞についてまとめてみました。






1.because of


I’ve got mold on my laundry because of the long rainy days.

Land prices in this area tend to drop these days because of repeated flooding.


2.on account of

※because of 同様「~ために」因果関係を説明する。

Hundreds of cars were stranded on the highway on account of the record-breaking snowfall.

No one advises him on account of his repeated talking back.


3.due to


Her excellent leadership skills are due to her years of experience in the business.

The area around Shin-Yokohama Station has seen a rapid increase in population due to rapid housing development.


4.thanks to


Thanks to your home run, we managed to win the game.

※thanks to は悪い意味でも使われます。

“We lost the game thanks to your error.”
“You’re a total asshole to say such a thing.”

5.owing to


The company lost most of its profits for the current fiscal year owing to the court ruling.

 Nowadays,  Jobs in the area are extremely scarce owing to Coronavirus.



Setsuko grew weaker and weaker every day from malnutrition.

My mother died from heart disease seven years ago.




I’m tired of working for this company.

His father died of wounds received in the Battle of Mukden after being demobilized.

※ from は直接的、of は間接的と書きましたが明確な区別はないようです。



The couple next door seem to be fighting a lot over the education of their children.

When I came home, my son was crying over having toys taken away by sister.




Their argument had started through a completely trivial and ridiculous misunderstanding.

The young brothers rushed into the house through fear of the thunder nearby.


10. with


I’ve been lying down for the last two days with terrible back pain.

I’ve been taking medication all this season with hay fever.


一億人の英文法 すべての日本人に贈るー「話すため」の英文法 (東進ブックス) [ 大西泰斗 ]