once, the moment, the instant, directly  接続詞ではないけれど「時」を表す副詞節をつくる慣用表現








She will be out of control once she loses her temper.

Once you get the hang of it, your skills will soon improve to the point of being second to none.




Instantly an enemy mortar shell landed on their position, the platoon counterattacked the enemy position.

He raised his hand instantly the teacher asked a question.




Immediately he took office as a minister, the media began an intensive attack on him.

Immediately they came to power, they set to work drafting a new constitution.




Directly she received the acceptance letter, she immediately went through the admission process.

Directly he returned to the office, he headed for the president’s office.


5.the moment「~したとたん、~する瞬間に」


He changed into his work clothes the moment he woke up.

They fell on the floor the moment they heard the gunshot.


6.the instant「~して即刻」


He was fired the instant the embezzlement was discovered.

The instant they received the report of the accident, the relevant departments immediately devised countermeasures.

7.the minute「~するや否や」


The minute he changed his policies, public opinion of him started to decline.

The minute the news came out, the stock price began to rise.


8.every time「~するたびごとに」


Every time my dad starts preaching, it always gets longer.

It always rains every time you come to watch the games.


9.each time「~すると毎度」


Each time that customer comes in, he stays longer.

Each time Halley’s Comet appears, a major historical event occurs.

10. the first time「最初に~した時は」


The first time I saw what he said and did, I thought what a frivolous man he was.

The first time I went to Fukuoka, I loved its urban atmosphere.


11. the last time「前回~した時に」


The last time I passed this road, these street trees were still low.

The last time I faced that pitcher, I couldn’t deal with the fastball and struck out.


12. the next time「今度~するときに」


The next time you come to Takayama, I recommend you also visit the Utsue 48 Waterfalls.

The next time you see him, tell him I said hello.